Minnetonka Class of 1963 - SUBMIT PHOTOS

Send us your pictures     -       Specific delivery Instructions at the bottom of this page

Picture 1    YOU between 1993 and 2003 - if a Spouse, Partner or Pet is in the shot that is OK too.




Picture 2    YOU with your kids or your friends between 1978 and 2003 - If you have kids,  we want to see them when they were still cute !  If it takes 2 or more pictures to get everyone included, send them in . . we will combine them into a montage.

Possibilities -

  • a vacation snapshot

  • a Christmas Card picture

  • a composite of your each member of your family engaging in some memorable activity  . . . hiking . . . a church project . . .  skiing . . . softball . . . camping . . . whatever represents a fond memory of time spent with your family or friends between 1978 and 2003.  Send us the pictures we will create the composite

Picture 3  If you have another great shot of anyone in your family that does not fit into the descriptions above, send it in . . . please include a caption.


Possibilities -

  • grandchildren, a pet

  • an artistic, athletic, academic, spiritual, or world service event that you or a family member played a role in

Picture 4  Do you have a picture of you with classmates that goes way back ? . .  send it in . . . please identify the people in the picture.

Sending pictures from a film camera

Send us the negative, slide or print.  If you have them,  negatives and slides scan better than prints.  We will send all pictures back after they are scanned.

If you prefer to scan the photos yourself, send us the full sized "raw" scans saved as high quality .JPG files.  Please don't resize the images before sending them. 

Sending pictures from a digital camera

If your pictures are from a digital camera, send us the full sized "raw" images right from the camera. We will optimize, color balance and size them for the web. 

Internet delivery

Press the Shift key when you click on this link and then copy the pictures into the window that opens. (clicking without 'Shift' may work on some computers)


or email the files to