Sue Adomeit-




Salt Lake City, UT

We survived the Olympics by volunteering which was a wonderful, tiring experience. We only wish we had been able to attend more events.

I am still working for IHI Environmental (18 years) but only part-time and who knows when I will just quit?

I ride my bicycle, hike, play tennis, ski etc. as much as possible or, should I say, as much as my body lets me.

Sue and Frank at the 40th - August 2003



 Frank retired from Lucent Technologies in 1999 after 30+ years with Western Electric-AT&T-Lucent. He loves not having to go to work every day! Peter, also a Northwestern graduate, just turned 30, is a structural engineer with a small firm. He has a house about 3 miles from us. He’s definitely an outdoor enthusiast and has become a world traveler with treks to Nepal, Japan, & New Zealand. Who knows what’s next on his list of places to travel?

I miss “The Lake” and all the activities that went along with growing up in that great environment, but I sure don’t miss those really cold mornings in January. Remember waiting for the school bus when the girls had to wear skirts to school or those night football games. “Clap your hands, stamp your feet” had absolutely nothing to do with cheering on the team…. We are lucky to be able to look back and realize how far we have come in our lives in the 40 years since we were spelling “weird” words for Mr. Chisholm.