Nancy Baum-




Park Rapids, MN

Born:           7/12/45 Chicago, IL
                   Moved to Minnesota 1954
Married:      1963 to Arlin Stoltenow
                   4 children: Peter, Melanie, Ellen, Michael
                   2 grandchildren: Joseph, Madeline
Married       1997 to Dr. John Gamble Gibbs
                    Retired: Presbyterian Clergy

                    U of M  Moorhead Humanities Professor
                    Westminster John Knox Press and Acquisitions Editor



Occupation:  Office Manager The Ark Animal Hospital, for 2

                    veterinarians and 9 staff
Special Interest: Benedictine Oblate, St. Benedict’s Monastery,

                    St. Joseph, MN
Hobbies:       reading, esp. P.D. James mysteries, writing and


Most Influential Teacher: Mr. Chishom, English
                    He fostered my love of words and encouraged my

                    “Remember the weird words for his spelling lists.”

Remembered for special reasons:
                    Rita Ridinger – for fashion setting individualism by

                    wearing belts backwards
                    Dick Gerberding – for his confident leadership

Still missing those we lost so young in the Vietnam War:
                    Francie Mayer and Marty Benson

Most memorable time in a class: Mr. Duff’s Advanced World

                   Each student was asked to bring and share something

                   beautiful to class.  I brought the newly released 45 rpm

                   of Henry Mancini’s “Moon River’, which I had heard for

                   the first time on the radio the night before. The

                   simplicity of the melody seemed ethereal. It was

                   something special to share.

                   When played for the class it did not rate any special

                   applause. Mr. Duff seemed a bit disappointed as if

                   African tribal music may have been a better choice.

                   Month’s later Moon River received the Academy Award

                   for “Best Song of the Year”. As the record wound it’s

                   way around the turntable, it seems now we were all in

                   the groove.