Alice Bristol-



Hudson, WI

Born in Minneapolis-third daughter---later to have four more siblings, 3 girls and 1 boy. (I guess I told people when I was little that we had 6 kids and a boy!)

Lived in Minnetonka all my growing up years—went to the Minnetonka
Schools the entire time, which was sometimes not such a good deal since my Father was employed by the Minnetonka School system. Kathy Kiskenen and Karen Melby can empathize with me on that---I always hated to be sent out into the hall for “being bad” because one of our fathers would inevitable come strolling by, which meant worse trouble at home!

Jeanne Adsem,  Karen Melby,  Kathy Kiskinen,  Alice Bristol


Alice (second from right) at a 6th Grade Groveland School party hosted by Ken Smith (lower left)



Went to St. Olaf College for my freshman year, then transferred to the U of M College of Education. Graduated in 1966 in Elementary Education and then taught at Alice Smith School in Hopkins for four years, until Kara was born. 18 months later, Marit was born. Lived in Edina until 1988, when we moved to Scottsdale, AZ.

I now work with my husband in our own business, where we manufacture and market several products: a fire extinguisher, an odor eliminator, a dental lubricant and a lubricant for compressors and air tools, My oldest daughter, Kara, job-shares with me; she has twin four year old boys, Lucas and Joshua, and I take them Tuesdays and Thursdays while she works. I love spending time with them! My other daughter, Marit, lives in San Francisco, works for Glaxo-Smith Kline, and has a five-month-old daughter, Amelia. Wish I could see her more often! Enough already!!

Memories: In Jr. High, Tina Kelly, Laura Cummings and I all told our
Moms that we were going to spend the night at one of the other’s house, but really went to Lindsey Dayton’s because she was having a party! Of course, we got caught by Lindsey’s Mom, who didn’t rat on us, but I got paid back when my daughter tried the same thing while in high school! She also got caught---think there is a moral to that story?

Another one: Kathy Kiskenen and I drove our tenth grade biology teacher farther over the edge (she already was pretty well fried---remember Miss Lahala?) by taking turns humming like a fly, starting out soft, then louder, then soft, etc., during class. She could never locate where the sound was coming from, since when she looked in the direction of one of us, the other one would hum! Funny thing, she didn’t return after Christmas break, and we found out (from our Dads) that she was in an “institution”!

Again, enough already! Hope you aren’t bored to tears!