Steve Bruce




Edina, MN

Steve with Nancy the Significant

- Smokie -


a stray pup found under a Burger King dumpster


Now a retired Hearing Service dog


Still Living at Home

I regret that I missed the 40th reunion due to a conflict with vacation plans. I have promised myself that I won't miss another.  Building this web site has been a great consolation because I get to spend weeks pouring over what everyone else has been doing. 

After 23 years in the homebuilding business with my brother Jim, I switched careers in 1993 going into IT.  Combined with  years of continued schooling, I now do classroom training and corporate consulting on network design, security and IT operations management. 

Nancy is a retired securities broker is now an almost-fulltime Guardian Ad Litum for Hennepin County Courts.

My son Ned 31 just got married shortly after becoming a Physicians Assistant.  Dave 29 has been working at Pillsbury/General Mills since college.  Erica 31 - stepdaughter from marriage to Diane - is expecting her second child and is living in Grenada while her husband completes medical School.  Lindsay 29 works for Pro-Staff and is working on her Masters at the Carlson School of Management.

For fun we rollerblade, snow-ski and spend weekends at a lake cabin near Brainerd, MN.   I spend too much time building hobby web sites for sharing family photos with the family.    

My favorite Minnetonka Memories:

      -The "Canteen" dances after football games - dancing

        with Trina.   Remember the Bruce Benson / John

        Briggs / Spence Potter / Kirk Ready band that used to

        play at the canteens occassionally ?

      -Hanging around in the spring sun with the track team

        on the infield between events at all-day track meets.

      -Thanks to Mary Steller for not busting me in Junior High

        when she caught me buying a 45 record of "Don't

        be Cruel" at Bacon Drug Store.


I don't really remember much from Class, except that I always wondered how Mr. Duff had such an obedient student body without him every saying a word.

Ned Married 8/2003 Erika living in Grenada Lindsay & Dave skating in Duluth Marathon  9/2003


Exploring Montana / Wyoming with Craig Schaefer  -  2000