Dick Engebretson



Orono, MN


  Since last we met, I sold the family home and garden show business that I owned for almost 20 years—my wife, Jean, worked with me in the business for the last 10 years. The buyer was a global British exhibition company—dmg world media (no, I don’t know why they use all lower case). But the check they wrote me came with a catch: I had to work for them for the next 2 ½ years as the head of the 50 home shows they own in the U.S. and Canada. In all, this company owns over 300 shows in eight countries.

Dick and Jean at the

40th Reunion  -  August 2003



That was two years ago, and I am having a terrific time. I was snoozingtowards retirement with my former company, but now I am a total corporate lackey, living on airplanes and flying all over the U.S. and Canada—not to mention business trips to London (dmg’s headquarters), Australia and New Zealand. Jean comes with me on some of the more fun trips, and we just got back from London as I write this.

Jean and I split out time between our home in Orono and a winter residence near Palm Springs, California (confession: I have become a winter wuss). My job allows me to work out of these homes and fly to where I have to be from local airports, so I am a lucky boy.
And, when the 2 ½ years is over this fall, I am probably going to sign up for another hitch with this company—things are going very well, and it’s been a long time since I have had so much fun.

FAVORITE MEMORY OF MHS: Mr. Chisholm’s spelling quizzes, each of which had a made-up word with “weird” somewhere in it.

Dick and Jean at the  35th Reunion

August 1998

Deephaven 1956-57