Gary Sundem




Seattle, Wa

November 8, 1944

I have been on the faculty of the Accounting Department of the University of Washington Business School for 32 years. I have also had a variety of administrative positions at the university and in national and international accounting organizations. I have also taught in
Norway, France and Singapore. I spend much of my time now revising and updating my two accounting textbooks.

My wife Liz and I have been married 5 years, although we have known each other since we were classmates at Carleton College. We each have two sons, ranging from 22 to 30 years old. Our families are both still in Minnesota, so we get back several times a year. The boys

Gary and Liz at the 40th Reunion

August 2003

Live in Bozeman, Omaha, Greeley (Colorado) and Marysville (Washington).

We keep active with hiking, cross-country skiing, running, swimming, etc. As I reduce may commitment at the university we are enjoying more international travel, pleasure reading, attending plays, concerts, sports events, etc. and spending more time with friends. Retirement is looking better and better and closer and closer.

I remember so many things about Minnetonka that it is hard to single out one or two. I am grateful to the many excellent teachers who prepared us well for college and careers. I may have hated the assignments from Chisholm at the time, but I have appreciated them often since.


I learned so much from the coaches that has been valuable in a variety of ways. But the one thing that I will probably never forget is the Minnetonka-U High basketball game in the tournament senior year. We did not have a great season (maybe an understatement) and U High was undefeated. With fellow seniors John Purdy, Bruce Peik, Willy Skadsburg, Rick Black, Bruce McKinley, Steve Kokesh and Dick Peters, we all played our best game of the season. Willy held U High's star in check, and McKinley hit the winning shot. The local newspaper called me a "6'5" jumping giant." I still have the clipping for my kids to read, but I think they still don't believe it!  Frankly, either do I.



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It's 9:40







with the other Golf "losers"

at the 30the Reunion


August - 1993

Gary (lower center) at a 6th grade party for Groveland Students