Tom Truex




Eden Prairie, MN

Marital Status:  Mmarried in 1975 to Judy. Judy is an executive assistant to Mr. Gerald Rauenhorst, founder of the Opus Corporation (construction company). However, she would rather be home working in her flower garden or on some other project.
Children: Two John (21) is a junior in the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota. David (19) is a freshman at the University of Colorado, also majoring in business. Both have ROTC commitments and are headed into the military after graduation.

Ken Grabow and Tom at the the

40th Reunion  - August, 2003

Dog: Kobi six-year-old golden retriever who is terrific, but Im afraid weve spoiled her.
Employment: Manager in the Flight Operations Department of Northwest Airlines.
Interests/Hobbies: Travel, skiing, tennis, bicycling, glider flying, continuing education.
Future Concerns: Finding a career that is right for semi-retirement. Also, finding some place warm to spend the first quarter of the year away from Minnesota.
Thoughts on MHS: I wish I had done something when I was there something, anything!
Favorite Teacher: Florence Bushow was a great teacher. She provided the negative motivation that an underachiever like me needed to study. Fear of embarrassment is a strong motivator when you are seventeen.